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Hi everyone! Welcome to my blog!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tag ♥♥

Full Name: Kaitlen Grace Wike
Age: 13
Date Of Birth: April 21, 1996

Place Of Birth: Hickory, NC
Hair Color: light brown
Eye Color: green

Height: 5"3 i think..
Gender: female
Hometown: Taylorsville

Now that we've covered the basics, How about some favorites?

Color: pink, blue, orange, lime green
Number: idk..
Team: Tar Heels!!!
Month: I like them all!
Sport: volleyball or basketball

Flavor: um........ idk
State: North Carolina
Letter: K :)
Pizza: pepperoni!
Band: thats hard.. zac brown or rascall flats probly
Place: the BEACH!!!!!!!!!
Soda: Cheerwine!!
Cookie: Chocolate Chip definitely!

Lets Talk About Your Friends

Who's your best friend: HANNAH!!!!!!!!!!!! She is amazinggg
Longest friend: Hannah!
Who do you have the most inside jokes with: hehe definitely hannah!
Tallest friend: hannah again! :)
Longest hair: i think me... not sure
shortest hair: abby i think or billie.. not sure
darkest hair: i htink lydia.. not sure

lightest: hannah probly

Your Room?
How many posters are on your wall: None on my wall but lots in my closet
What color are your walls: PINK!!!!! WOOT!!
How big is your bed: full
What color are the sheets: light pink
Do you have a TV in your room: not at the moment
What about a computer: Nope

What do you see when you open your closet door: clothes
How many stuffed animals do you have: idk.........5 maybe
Do you have a desk: yes
Who was the last person on your bed: Me! :D