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Tuesday, March 24, 2009


1. What friend have you had the most laughs with?
2. What friend have you gotten in trouble with most?
3. What friend knows all your secrets no one else does?
4. What friend will you keep for your whole life and NEVER lose?
5. What friend do you most want to be like?
6. What friend do you trust the most?
7. What fried do you talk to the most?
8. What friend do you text even when you're sitting right beside them?
9. What friend has never left you and never will?
11. What friend comes to your house the most often?
12. What friend have to exchanged clothes with?
13. Have you ever gotten really mad at your BFF?
14. Do you like your best friends pets?
15. Are you true to your best friend?

Your oldest friend is how old/who is it: Just about all my friends are older than me! :(
Your youngest friend: Um... I think Lacetta... not sure
The friend that you've had FOREVER: HANNAH FOX!!!!!!!!! Shes awesome
The friend that you always seem to be talking to: hannah totally
The friend that never seems to get on their email: idk...
The friend that is always on their email: dont know again
The friend that is much taller than you: Hannah
The friend that is shorter: Dont have any... Im the same size as everyone lol

The friend that will always reply to your emails no matter what: Hannah
The friend that is verrrryyy crazy: Ummmm well that would be billie and selene and hannah!! (all my friends are crazy like me!
The friend that is serious: I dont have serious friends!! Crazy alll the way
The friend that you don't see them for a year but you two can pick up like you were never apart: dont know
The friend that you knew when you were little, and were shocked to see them again: Billie
The friend that can make anything: Billie she rocks at art
The friend that needs to call you: Hannah!!! Pick up your freakin phone!! LOL
The friend that seems to have the most friends: ME!! haha jk
The friend that will reply to this email first: dont care
The friend that is so creative: billie
The friend that you haven't seen in a while: HANNAH!!!!!!!!! GRRRR :(

The friend that you have a lot of inside jokes with: That would be everyone but especially hannah
The friend that you would like to trade places with: No one i like being me! :)
Your newest friend: All new ones because changing schools
The friend that you see the most: Well... i wish i could say hannah but billie cause i go to school with her
The friend that is SO funny: SELENE BILLIE AND HANNAH!!!!!!!!! love yall
The friend that hugs you the most: Hannah and billie
The friend that has your same style: Hannah alll the way! (ours is the best)
The friend that doesn't have your style: Selene
The next friend that you will see: All my friends tomorrow exept hannah! :(

When will you see that friend: Tomorrow...
The friend that lives the closest to you: Hannah
The friend that will probably not do this tag: No one lol
Your best blogging friend: well since hannah didnt me on this one i guess ill say no one! thanks hannah
Who will you tag: no one just posting it